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Dü Oh is the original dual unit of V&K. These speaker don't just look exquisite, they are bigger, better, and badder than any other previous line. 
Advance technics and excellent clarity make the duo the most affordable speackers of it's kind on the market. Clean frequency and low distortion, this pair gives all a round sound 


V & K Audio product met 2 jaar volledige garantie.



V&K Audio Dü Oh original dual unit

€799.00 Normale prijs

    V&K Audio Technics® spawns from the love of music. We like to feel what we hear and hear what we feel. Our quest for sounds took us far and wide in the world of audio technics to find the best and most affordable device for everyone to enjoy We are proud to bring professional sound equipment in reach of all music enthusiasts


    Een kwaliteitsproduct met een prachtige sound.  




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